About Us

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build successful medical practices.

Hi there! I’m Lin, and I wanted to personally take the time to tell you more about MediMark. As the director and founder, I’ve been involved in medical marketing for the past six years. Today, I have the business acumen and healthcare experience needed to help my clients strategise for success and growth – something I’ve been doing for multinational and national companies for years. Now, I am helping doctors achieve the same.

An old stigma states that it’s unethical for a doctor to market themselves. I’m here to break said stigma, proving how important it is to communicate your life-changing services with patients in need of your help. After all – how can they feel better if they don’t know you exist? While some companies focus on a single service, MediMark offers the full package – bespoke to your needs. Our strong team of MediMarkers are ready to help your practice produce exceptional results.

My mission is to improve healthcare for Australian patients through precision communication and education – providing visibility and a trusted connection to our clients who can help them . At MediMark, we focus on nurturing the health needs of your practice, so you can better serve patients. The key lies in effective marketing, but hiring an entire department is often unviable for the average partnership or sole proprietor. With the average cost of a marketing manager sitting at $140K alone, MediMark was determined to provide medical professionals with another solution – an affordable means to gain marketing support and mitigate lost opportunities.

With us, you won’t have to monitor or pay multiple vendors. MediMark satisfies all your marketing needs under one roof, from SEO to Google AdWords, website development, hosting, copywriting, graphic design, printing, journalism, online print, TV and radio broadcasts – whatever you need to succeed. I bring years of corporate experience to the table to help doctors build successful self-sustaining businesses, fuelled by more visibility, referrals, and leads.


“I want to be part of an industry that focuses on healing people and the community. With MediMark, I get to help people who help others. In most cases, my clients are medically trained, but not commercially trained. I am not medically trained, but I am commercially trained. It’s a match that fits perfectly, like the latex glove you slip on when you scrub in. MediMark will go hand in hand with you to make your business better.”

Prior to MediMark, Lin worked in Pharmaceuticals for the Specialties team, managed the Business Development division for a Medical Practice Management start-up and has over 15 years’ experience in strategic sales, operations and management across several domestic and international companies. Lin’s skill set is the perfect merger of commercial and healthcare expertise to help medical businesses flourish.

She has helped doctors build strategic relationships for ongoing success. She draws upon her years of corporate experience and extensive professional network to help doctors build thriving, self-sustaining businesses. She specialises in promoting greater visibility for doctors, generating referrals, building lists and making sure her clients’ unique strengths shine.

Lin is an MBA Candidate at Deakin Business School, completed her Honours Degree in Bachelor of Commerce (Management) at Monash University, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business (Marketing) at Victoria UniversityMedicines Australia’s Continuing Education Program, as well as several other Certificates and Diplomas.

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