Case Studies

Healthcare Success Stories

Healthcare practices are people-orientated businesses. A success story relies on the ability to understand the dynamic between the specialist, referrers and patients. The best healthcare strategy is based on understanding that paradigm to effectively tailor communication that resonates with the intended audience.

Case Study 1

Increase GP Referrals in New Region


The client has their main practice inner city Melbourne and set up a site in the northern suburbs. Second site was operational but growth was slow as it relied on organic referrals.


Meetings with stakeholder was held to identify key service offering to create marketing collateral tailored to the GP audience. Marketing research was conducted to identify tier 1 & tier 2 referrers. A combination of in-person representation along with direct marketing was implemented over 30 days to generate awareness and engage referrers.


The practice saw an immediate increase of GP referrals within the first week of the campaign ending. The new site continues to reap the benefits of new referrers and the consultant is one of the busiest schedules among the group.

Case Study 2



The client has one of the largest clinical trial research centres in Victoria. They were seeing an increase in organic growth, but the site wasn’t fully optimised to capitalise on recruitment opportunities.


A consultative approach was used to ensure balance and compatibility between operations, management and marketing. The current recruitment process was mapped out to find operational efficiencies and deficiencies to stop conversion leakages and boost screening opportunities. New processes and technologies were introduced that took into account the patient's journey.


Digital transformation reduced reporting duplication and streamlined critical information share. Communication and staff work flow improved along with productivity. The centre saw an increase of participant enrolment increase over 80% within 12 months.

clinical trial drugs

Case Study 3

Boost Google Ratings


The client consults over 10,000 per year. Patients dissatisfied with the service tend to have a higher motivation to leave a review. As a result, a large proportion of negative reviews drove down their Google rating to a dangerous level that could have compromised their Google listing.


Sentiment analysis of all reviews to identify whether there was a systemic issue with staffing, systems or services. Opportunities for positive review attainment was introduced and a system to address positive and negative feedback was put into effect immediately.


The clients Google rating improved from 2.1 to 4.0 within 6 weeks of implementing the google ratings review project. The MyBusiness listing was not penalised by Google, which could have resulted in delisting and detrimental for the business that has a high traffic count of visitors monthly.

Case Study 4

Social Media Marketing


The client acknowledges the growth of digital reliance but wasn’t sold that having a social media presence was able to generate bookings. To determine whether this is true, a 6-month campaign was in commissioned.


Clear goals were defined at the beginning of the strategy process. That first objective was to increase brand awareness among the Facebook and Instagram community. The second objective was to convert the audience into patients. A series of posts were curated to increase brand awareness, develop a brand personality with call-to-action. A combination of organic and paid posts was used along with community engagement to drive the preference towards the client as the medical practitioner of choice.


Following on both Instagram and Facebook increase by 30% during the period completing the first goal. Traffic to the client’s website increased by 20% and consultation bookings increased 15% over the same time last year.

What does your success story look like?

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