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Simple Steps Medical Practices Can Take to Embrace Digital Marketing

Simple Steps Medical Practices Can Take to Embrace Digital Marketing

If your medical practice doesn’t have an online presence, it’s now more important than ever to use it as a way to connect with patients. Embracing technology and tools can help you save time, find new patients and implement more efficient ways of working.

While every practice is different, here are a few common things you can do to better use digital technologies:

  1. Develop a website to market your medical practice and generate patient leads
  2. Use digital marketing and social media to promote your practice to a wider audience
  3. Set up a digital booking capability
  4. Automate your business processes to free up time

Be brave and break the stigma, your practice can’t thrive without it.


Doctor, where are my referrals?

Traditional referral pathway relied entirely on the guidance from the family doctor. With increased technology and real time open communication, patients have become more savvy. Patients are conducting their own research and seeking recommendations from the online community. This has partially shifted the decision making to the patient and why it’s critical for your practice to have a strong positive online presence to become the preferred specialist of choice in addition to consistent communication with your referring GPs.


There is a long-standing stigma when it comes to marketing in the medical world.

We want to break that stigma. Besides, how can patients receive the best treatment available if they can’t find you online and don’t know you exist? Our mission is to teach medical professionals how to communicate and educate their patients through effective marketing. We act like a subwoofer to correctly track and monitor your marketing campaign to see if it’s working.