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Connect with your referrers by offering CPD accredited hours on your next event.

Effective 1 Jan 2023, the Medical Board of Australia, ANZ specialty colleges and regulators have changed the CPD Program requirements. It has moved from a point system to an hourly system and rather than having a triennium to complete requirements, Australian doctors now have 12 months to attain 50hrs. This means, they will need to complete higher learning hours in shorter time frames.

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What you need to do to become a CPD provider?

What’s involved? Firstly, you need to nominate a staff member to become a member with a CPD home eg RACGP, and complete a course that costs upwards of $1,100 per person per year. The incumbent must also complete a simulated program prior to being approved by the CPD home before they are permitted to deliver an accredited event.
Say you’ve completed the course, you also need to coordinate the program and market the event.
We’re talking flyers, brochures, email campaigns, event registration, event coordination and catering to name a few tasks that need to be done. At Medimark, we work with your team and do it all for you. Simply put, you can focus on caring for your patients while we manage everything behind the scenes to deliver an exceptional event that allows you to connect with their referral network.

If your team member leaves, their qualification leaves with them. It's a risk that relies on staff retention.

Creative Ideas

Events you can run to engage referrers

The sky is the limit with what you can do, here are a few options. We can also design the event to be interactive, with attendees submitting their answers in a poll similar to a trivia night.
> Breakfast meetings > Lunch & learns > Clinical dinners
> Webinars > Workshops > Conference > Open Days

Work with the best

Reasons Why Should Choose Medimark to Run Your Event.

Save Time

You need a staff member to complete a training course with the licensing body e.g., RACGP. The person must also complete a simulated program prior to being approved before they are allowed to conduct an accredited course. By using Medimark, you will save staff time from having to complete the course and having to plan the event.

Save Money

The fee to be a CPD education provider with the RACGP starts at $1,100 per person annually. You will save labour costs as your staff will not have to spend time creating marketing materials, engaging attendees, and managing the event.

Gain Access

To RACGP-trained personnel who are deemed qualified by the college to be involved in the activity planning and design to submit an application for CPD accreditation. You will also gain access to a team of specialist medical marketers to plan and manage the event to completion.


Our CPD events service helps you run an accredited event that meets the compliance of the Medical Board of Australia and AHPRA under the new 2023 CPD program changes. Attendees will receive a certificate of completion for them to submit to their CPD home, e.g., RACGP/ACRRM/AMAWA.

Maintain your brand

You maintain your own branding for these events, which goes a long way for GPs as it is perceived as an educational event that is evidence-based and unbiased compared to corporate-sponsored events.


The Perfect Team to Get You Started!

We are proudly accredited by Australian Medical CPD Standard, the chosen independent accreditor of the AMAWA, CPD Home.

10 Steps to a Successful CPD Accredited Event

In-person discovery meeting

define event structure, topic & learning outcomes

Attain CPD accreditation

with the regulatory home

Plan the event particulars

source location and catering, prepare the run sheet

Create marketing material

Branded invitations, QR codes, registrations, flyers

Promote the event to audience

across your digital assets and referral network

Seek potential sponsorship

with corporates and likeminded organisations

Personally engage invitees

e.g., General Practitioners and other Health Practitioners

Manage and report event status

Are we hitting target? We'll keep you up-to-date

Create attendance certificates

For attendees to claim their CPD hours

Call to action 🎬 with referrers

Email attendees with your contact and referral details.

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