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If you don't tell your story, someone else will.

The Medimark network extends beyond our resident team members and out to national print and major broadcasting media networks.

Below are links to some of the televised exposure and articles Medimark has facilitated for our clients to keep the community abreast of the incredible work they are doing.

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9 News

The Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) commonly referred to as a mouthguard for Sleep apnoea could be just as effective for lowering blood pressure as a CPAP machine.


ABC News

Collaborative project with Deakin University VR Lab, Arts Centre Melbourne and Sinclair Dermatology to bring together VR, Arts and Medical.


7 News

Mass publicity to generate awareness on a breakthrough treatment for vitiligo.


Studio 10

Presenting as subject matter expert on surgical hair transplantation and alternative hair loss treatment options.



Sunrise reports on the increasing number of people reporting hair loss during the pandemic.


9 News

Mass publicity to generate awareness in treating one of the most common autoimmune diseases affecting Australians.


7 News

Mass publicity to generate awareness that hope is on the horizon for people with alopecia areata.


9 News

Kate Creeden reports on the life changing treatment for atopic dermatitis that is now available to adolescents.

Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

Online Publications

Homemade sunscreen recipes abound on Pinterest but study finds their claims are overhyped.

10 women share what skin cancer really looks like.

Hair supplements are everywhere right now, but do they actually work?

6 foolproof steps for treating a hot tool burn.

The hidden health messages in your nails you definitely shouldn't ignore.

Gearing Up Against Skin Cancer.

The number of people tapping super for dental work doubled in a year.

How to manage high blood pressure

Your most common questions about snoring and sleep apnea, answered.

What to do when you have the flu


Radio & Podcasts

The Secret To Growing Long, Strong Nail‪s‬

Is Female Hair Loss The Last Taboo?

Sleep with host Jack and LJ

Pool surfing; sport and skin cancer

Treating Chronic Skin Conditions with Philip Clark

Hair loss interview with Wayne & Jess for Breakfast

Stolzy and Abby for Breakfast talk about sleep talking.