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What’s the Difference Between Marketing and Medical Marketing?

What’s the Difference Between Marketing and Medical Marketing?

This is a question we hear often, so we’re here to help clear up the confusion. While conventional marketing for other industries aims to build awareness and create demand for particular products and services through various channels, the nature of marketing in the healthcare industry is very different.

For one, many healthcare services involve complex concepts that can be difficult to explain, such as ophthalmology or endocrinology. In medical marketing, the end user’s mentality is also different, as the decisions they make relate directly to their own health and wellbeing.

That’s why it’s so important for medical marketers to be clear and compassionate in their communication, and always prioritise the patient’s interests.

In addition, there are strict codes and standards in place for advertising a regulated health service. If you’re not familiar with AHPRA guidelines, not to worry—our savvy team of medical marketers is happy to walk you through it.

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